Sterling silver artist Michael Galmer
Sterling silver artist Michael Galmer

The Artist

Galmer Fine Silver was founded by Michael Izrael Galmer in Long Island City, New York, in 1981. Having just arrived to the US from his native Russia along with his wife, Galina and young daughter, Zina - the artist soon set up workshop in a garage. His doctorate in physics & chemistry, combined with a love of art & sculpture, melded perfectly as a platform as he began perfecting his skills and inventing creative and unique alternatives to silver making. Michael’s vision of a company which could combine his artistic passion for nature and design with his technical expertise and ingenuity was coming to life. Galmer Fine Silver was born - its name a refashioning of the combined names of Galina and Michael as a tribute to their love and partnership.

The Work

Committed to the ancient art of repoussé (meaning “pushing-from-the-back”), Galmer began producing ravishing silver works reminiscent of early 1900 American tabletop. He and his workshop quickly became legendary for their custom silver creations commissioned by connoisseurs, collectors and museums. In 1984, Michael was commissioned by Tiffany & Co for many projects, including the design of an exclusive silver line; the affair would last 20 years. Lenox Company soon followed, as did Gorham, Kirk Stieff, and numerous retailers nationwide. In 1996 he was commissioned by the Oklahoma Historical Society to recreate the historic punch bowl of the Battleship Oklahoma, and his extraordinary replica is exhibited with pride at the Governor’s Mansion. Michael also presented a large commemorative silver plate at the historic launch ceremony on Penn’s Landing for the U.S.S. Wayne E. Meyer. Many other works are housed at The Jewish Museum of New York, and recently completed is the Ten Commandments - an expressive five-foot masterpiece sculpted of highly engraved sterling silver.

The Renaissance

Today Galmer Fine Silver brings more than 3 decades worth of its timeless fine silver creations to you - and continues to carry the art of repoussé into the 21st century with fresh and original designs in all shapes and styles. Sketching designs from nature in motifs of chrysanthemum, palm, bamboo and peony Galmer created an original collection of ladies’ jewelry. The jewelry line is a celebration of artistic brilliance and technical impeccability that has continued to grow with new collections.